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I believe this course has the power to change and improve every aspect of our individual existence and the lives of those around us now as well as the lives of the people we are going to teach in the future.


The foundation of Born2Move is Classical Hatha Yoga in its original, transformational nature as the ultimate manifestation toward Union with Universal Intelligence, or, as we know it, God. Through Hatha Yoga we learn how to merge into the Universal Light that we are.


For many years, I have studied, practiced and taught movement in various forms.  In the past fifteen years the focus has been specifically on the practice of Hatha Yoga, which I believe is the foundation of all movement and the true path to self- discovery. Through personal experience I learned the key to this journey is through integration.  Mental, physical and spiritual practices are all part of what is known as integrative fitness, which is the only true path to the achievement of optimal holistic wellness.


When we learn to integrate elements from all the  branches of Yoga, such as the Yamas, Niyamas, Asanas, and Pranayama, then our path becomes more well-defined.  But perhaps the most important process learned comes from the branch of Meditation which engages us directly to and from the divine Source.  Today we all have the ability to become teachers of what is rapidly becoming the most desired education in health by encouraging a continuous path of self improvement affecting all aspects of our lives.


Simply stated the goal is equilibrium. With joy we light the path to healthier choices.  As yoga practitioners we kindle each and every life we touch.

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