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Beth Lewis is dedicated to training with an individualized approach to each student.  Emphasis is placed on creating a training schedule that is accommodating and flexible.  


The first question for most people considering classes at Born2Move or certified yoga teacher training, whether it is for personal growth, education, or a career change is:


What is the difference between this program and others that are advertised?


The first difference is EXPERIENCE.  Beth comes from an established career and is known and respected in the yoga community.  Please ask for referrals or check the Yoga Alliance website for testimonials..

The second difference is a COMPREHENSIVE CURRICULUM.  All students enrolled in the Teacher Training program receive a comprehensive outline of all materials discussed and illustrated in class. These manuals serve as valuable tools and future resources and they are included in the tuition cost.

The third difference is COST. As outlined in the class schedule section the cost of the training is extremely reasonable.  Born2Move attempts to work with personal needs and payment plans are available.  


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